i am someplace in the netherlands right about now, no doubt taking a bagillion photographs of flowers.

but while i’m gone, check out the style files, a blog based in the netherlands.
also, make sure to look out for amsterdam made by hand by pia jane bijkerk, which comes out sometime this month.


the other day i took a trip outside of paris to giverny, where you can find monet’s house and gardens.  i was amazed at just how much his painting resemble the life he had there.
it was so beautiful, i would have painted the water lilies too.

happy may day

May 1, 2010

happy may day!

does anyone have any plans to dance around the may pole? no?
well, traditionally may day marks the last of winter in the northern hemisphere and is a time for celebration.  in france, king charles IX would give all the ladies of the court a lily of the valley on this day…. and it is still customary to give them to loved ones.   so much so that it is even legal to sell them free of taxation today.  which explains why i saw people walking around with flowers all day.

images via the city sage and saipua.

sunday morning

April 25, 2010

that’s all.

colors of the day

December 26, 2009

here are some images of colors that feel like today.

and a book that will help you make some colors of your own.

printing by hand.

images: bauhaus design (via lolita blog), unknown, unknown

flower school

December 21, 2009






flower arranging is a real art form… it’s a lot harder then it looks.


so why not take a floral arrangement class from two very talented girls in brooklyn?



flower school with sarah and nicolette

jardin du luxembourg

September 7, 2009

P1040530P1040122P1040123P1040128P1040114P1040535P1040538P1040543what strikes me about the jardin du luxembourg gardens is how very different they are from central park in new york.  in comparison, they are highly manicured with abundant flowers and grass that has not be trampled by footprints or sunbathing bodies…. as the grassy areas are fenced off from public use.  this takes part of the beauty out of large public gardens for me, but they do have a plethora of chairs that you can move around and enjoy reading a book or simply relax and put up your feet.  i found myself in one such chair for an entire afternoon, reading and people watching. i wonder what central park would look like if people weren’t allowed to wander freely.  both parks however, have an area unofficially deemed for model sailboat sailing when the weather is fine.