a month of sunday walks

February 2, 2011

this is a series of sunday walks that leanne shapton illustrated for the new york times.
i wish my sunday walks looked liked this.

see the series.


three city posters

May 17, 2010

these posters actually remind me of each of these places… all of which i have spent some time in.

blanca gomez for cosas mínimas

this scandinavian beach house featured in house beautiful would be alright by me.
oh, it just smells of lazy summer days.

designed and owned by one of the founders of ochre, a beautiful housewares store in new york, it only makes sense that the home of harriet maxwell macdonald would be gorgeous too.

yep.  i think it would be all right.

visit ochre

images via house beautiful

**before i say anything, i must preface this with… no mom, i am not planning on getting a tattoo, so you can stop writing the email now**

but… if i were to get a tattoo, i would definitely go to amanda wachob in nyc, as she created some of the prettiest that i’ve seen.  she has really managed to blend the line between art and tattoo.

you can see more of her work as well as make an appointment via her website.

flower school

December 21, 2009






flower arranging is a real art form… it’s a lot harder then it looks.


so why not take a floral arrangement class from two very talented girls in brooklyn?



flower school with sarah and nicolette

advent post #18

December 18, 2009

i‘m not sure if you are familiar with improv everywhere, the new york based group who “cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places”

such was their latest mission.


improv everywhere

advent post #12

December 12, 2009

today is the ‘other‘ day a year that your santa claus costume comes out of the closet.

it’s SantaCon in new york!

in case you don’t know what that is, these pictures will help you to understand.  basically it’s when hundreds if not thousands of people dress up like santa claus and walk around the city.  it’s pretty amazing. and fun.

so, if you are in new york, put on that suit and just look around you (you’re bound to see a few).

photos from dietrich’s flickr