the water lilies of giverny

May 21, 2010

the other day i took a trip outside of paris to giverny, where you can find monet’s house and gardens.  i was amazed at just how much his painting resemble the life he had there.
it was so beautiful, i would have painted the water lilies too.


2 Responses to “the water lilies of giverny”

  1. Hi: Just came over to you from Natural History! Sarah is lucky to have you as an intern!
    My best friends just arrived in Paris today and are on their way out to Giverny for two days…so this was very timely! I’ve never been out there, sadly. Haven’t checked the weather lately; hope it ‘s good for them. She’s a textile designer and he a woodworker, so I’m sure I’ll see some great pictures.
    Thanks for posting!

    • chase Says:

      Oh, you couldn’t ask for nicer weather in Paris right now… it was just the right time to go! I also design textiles, and the colors in the garden and in monet’s house were so inspiring! I’m sure your friends had a great time.


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