oh, this old house?

February 8, 2011

just a few places i could spend some time in my imaginary home.


images via things that inspire, delight by design


fred shand, quilter

February 3, 2011

just the other day i was talking to a friend who quilts, and she mentioned that she is growing a little tired of her regular angular designs and expressed her desire to explore some more organic, free form shapes.  i, myself have never done any sort of quilting, but i can really appreciate all the work that goes into each one.  i know it’s no simple task… people spend months on a quilt, sometimes years.

a few days after speaking with my friend, i saw these by fred shand, an english artist that anthropologie is featuring.  definitely not your typical quilter, she uses a variety of methods from silk-screening to painting to sewing and quilting in order to make each one-of-a-kind piece.


fred shand.

this would be a great place to drink your coffee every morning.  these pictures, taken from a home on an island off the coast of italy, just call out my name.  i can hear it now.
oh, just that shade of blue with the pops of orange.

yes, i think i could live here.
that would be alright by me.

pictures by adriano bachella via style files.

a shed of one’s own

May 17, 2010

after you spend some time sharing a workspace with young art school kids, you dream of your own room where you can make your own mess, and don’t have to clean up theirs.  this has been my life for the past year, and such my dreaming process.  you really don’t need a huge space, a small shed would do just fine… cue my discovery of said delightful small space on tales of a junkaholic which looks good to me!  while small, it’s still just your own.

fog linen

May 11, 2010

everyone is all abuzz about japanese company fog linenand they are pretty wonderfulso i though i would share them with you too.

find them here.

created  by dutch designer piet hein eek, these fair trade baskets were made with with the help of local craftsmen and scrapwood from a small workshop in vietnam.

and they are available here.

via the style files

it’s time for another roundup of bedroom color inspirations.

start with a base of white. mix in a secondary color. add a dash of ethnic textiles.

and there you have it.

pictures via desire to inspire, unknown, apt therapy , the city sage