happy birthday

February 23, 2011

happy birthday to my mom (kim) and my uncle (matt)

with a song by matt & kim


djemaa el fna square

January 25, 2010

you can’t go to marrakech without finding yourself in djemaa el fna square… even when you aren’t looking for it, people will walk past you, point and tell you how to get there (almost as if you have wandered out of the tourist parameters and must be corralled back to the designated places).

having that said, it’s a must see.  it’s where you find snake charmers, fresh-squeezed orange juice stands, henna tattoo artists, storytellers, music circles, dried fruit and nut stands, monkey walkers, cross dressing belly dancers and people with chickens on their head.  then add, on top of all of that, the food carts that roll in around five o’clock every day and set up shop, calling out in four different languages to every passerby that their cart (insert number) is the best!
and there you have it.

i would definitely recommend trying one of the food stalls, and even more than that, getting an afternoon mint tea at café argana, where you can sit on the terrace and overlook all of the carts roll in and set up.

our last night in marrakech we found ourselves once again in ‘the big square’ walking around and taking it all in one last time.  we noticed a large group of locals standing around in a circle which immediately piqued our interest.  it was only a matter of thirty seconds or so before we were dragged into the middle and given front row seats to a music circle.  at first we had no idea what was going on, but we deduced that the band refused to play until they got enough tips.  here is what our money bought us:

and now for a confession…

December 1, 2009

…today is the day that my mom ‘officially’ starts listening to the kenny g miracles album… and although every year i make fun of her for it, it wouldn’t feel like christmas without it.

it ranks right up there with the stockings my grandma needle-pointed and the glass icicle ornaments that we have had forever in things that remind me of christmas.

so it is only fitting that today i found myself longing for and listening to kenny g (and thus my confession)

but now it feels like christmas thousands of miles from home.

go ahead listen, you know you want to.

first day of class

September 8, 2009

P1040675 dancing around my apartment to billie holiday, getting ready for my first day of class!

block party

August 19, 2009

spikeleemjinviteif you are in brooklyn, especially in fort greene (i think you know who you are), i will be disappointed if you don’t go to this.

what: spike lee’s block party celebration

where: fort greene park, brooklyn

when: august 29th, 12:00 to 5:00

why: because i told you to go

no turning back

July 12, 2009

i am a sucker for animated film shorts…

…which is the exact reason why i love this music video from sarah blasko.


paper airplanes

June 23, 2009

PP1pp2pp3pp4pp5i need to work on my paper plane folding abilities.

i haven’t quite mastered that perfect folding technique, that some people have, that lets it sail on for what seems like forever.

i could, however, fashion up a paper plane centerpiece, like the one pictured here.

or just buy a paper airplane necklace from finch metal .

but for now i think i’ll just listen to MIA paper planes.

start folding.