some pretty things that are warm, or make you warm, or make warm things to make you warmyou get the idea

1. lambswool blanket
2. bathrobe
3. round cocotte pot
4. slippers
5. hot water bottle


back to school shopping

September 9, 2010

so it seems as if the last vestiges of summer are slipping away, making room for apple picking, sharpened pencils and crunching leaves.

…and making a list of what i would want as my back to school wardrobe.

images from canadian elle, zara, filippa k, jcrew

seeing as summer is almost over, the tingle of back-to-school shopping is creeping in….

….check out my backpack picks over on natural history blog.

black canvas bag from Makr Carry Goods

i would really like to not love everything that jcrew does…  my wallet would be a lot happier… but upon seeing their fall 2010 collection, i don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

via new york magazine.


November 26, 2009





what are you thankful for?







image via polly wreford

père lachaise

November 2, 2009

P1050155so since i was in charge of making my own halloween entertainment this year, i decided to visit père lachaise cemetary, the largest in paris and perhaps the most famous in the world.  this is the grave site of the likes of molière, honoré de balzac, abelard and hèloïse, marcel marceau, max ernst, oscar wilde, gertrude stein, chopin, edith piaf, jim morrison, arnedeo modigliani, marcel proust, jean de brunhoff (author of babar the elephant)… and so on and so forth.

where halloween is rarely celebrated in france, all saints day is.   so on november first, it is customary to place flowers on the graves of loved ones, and it seems more appropriate that this post celebrates that.  it is a very interesting place to wander around, and is perhaps the most beautiful cemetary i have ever seen (yes, i understand just how weird it is to say that).

history and virtual tour.


happy halloween

October 31, 2009

light in mason jarshappy



although halloween isn’t a parisian holiday, over the past couple of years it has slowly been catching on.  it won’t be the same as walking in the new york halloween parade donned with feathers and face paint, but i am excited to dress up with friends and celebrate.

oh, and it helps that i received a package of halloween decorations and goodies which now adorn my apartment. (a halloween mr. potato head included!)

a little halloween magic.