holy moly givenchy

February 3, 2011

i never cease to be amazed at what people create, and the new sp.11 collection by givenchy is no exception.  inspired by a cross between japanese robot toys and dancer kazuo ohno, designer riccardo tisci has managed to design a line that well,  looks pretty much like what he was inspired by…. i think you could throw in a lobster and a crane here and there, but yes, spot on.

one outfit alone required 2000 hours of cutting and 4000 hours of sewing.  wowza.

see the whole collection.


alan, steven sp.11

February 1, 2011












so, i’m not quite sure whether steven alan has been looking at my wardrobe for inspiration for his new spring line…

…or maybe it’s that he knows what i want my wardrobe to look like and used that as inspiration for his new spring line.

either way, i think he’s following me.


spring? no? not yet? oh.

September 25, 2010

some colors that remind me of the exact opposite time of the year.

images from unknown, sonia delauney, ahh-i-can’t-remember-the-name, canvas, sonia delauney swimsuit, shoes i saw at maison et objet in paris.

the other day i took a trip outside of paris to giverny, where you can find monet’s house and gardens.  i was amazed at just how much his painting resemble the life he had there.
it was so beautiful, i would have painted the water lilies too.

happy may day

May 1, 2010

happy may day!

does anyone have any plans to dance around the may pole? no?
well, traditionally may day marks the last of winter in the northern hemisphere and is a time for celebration.  in france, king charles IX would give all the ladies of the court a lily of the valley on this day…. and it is still customary to give them to loved ones.   so much so that it is even legal to sell them free of taxation today.  which explains why i saw people walking around with flowers all day.

images via the city sage and saipua.

i spent the day walking west along the seine, photographing all the bridges on the way.

i started with pont neuf, which crosses over the tip of ile de la cité.

the next bridge is pont des arts, a pedestrian bridge where during the nicer months you can find people picnicking and having a glass of wine while they watch the sunset.

sometimes the most interesting thing about a bridge is what’s going on next to it.  such is the case with pont du carrousel, which leads into the courtyard of the louvre.

exactly opposite this bridge is pont royal, which mimics the  one before it yet maintains it’s own identity.

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bird songs

April 26, 2010

everyone can think of a familiar bird song that reminds them of someplace.  even if you can’t summon it to mind automatically, when you hear it, it is subconsciously familiar.  for me, it goes something like whowoo, who who who. i actually have no idea what kind of bird makes this call, but i heard it this morning while the streets were still quiet enough to hear the sounds of birds chirping.

it reminded me that i haven’t visited the marché aux oiseaux in a while, so i decided to take a stroll across the river to île de la cité and see what i could find.

the first three i came across looked like they were three gangsters, the big boss bird is the one in the middle, with his slightly dumb sidekicks to either side:

and others were just content being beautiful and showing off their colors:

i know these bird song books have been around for a while now, but i am still fascinated with how great they are.

you can find the books here.

for more information about the marché aux oiseaux