a familiar orange octopus

February 13, 2011

when i saw this illustration by amber alexander, i recognized the octopus immediately!  you can’t tell me that it’s not the same one i had the pleasure of meeting at the oregon aquarium back in september.
it simply must be the same one.
no question about it.


check out more work by amber alexander.


amsterdam is crazy. when you arrive at the central train station you are dropped off into the midst of trams and trains and canals and bicycles.  oh, the bicycles!

it’s a beautiful town to wander around and get lost in, but it was nice at the end of the day to actually leave the craziness for the calm relaxation of the lake right outside of the city where we were staying.

the city and the surrounding area (and pretty much the whole country) is made up of an intricate system of canals, which we enjoyed on a three hour boat tour into and around the city.  here are a few pictures of our adventures in amsterdam.

we also met some of the most interesting and nicest people in amsterdam.  it really is a city that is aware of, and celebrates, their eccentricities… which was very refreshing.

photos from myself and my traveling companion, katie.

an outdoor space

June 17, 2010

these two photos have been sitting on my desktop for a very long time.

every now and then i think how great it would be to have an outdoor room or cabin somewhere where you can just be surrounded by trees.

images unfortunately unkown.

the other day i took a trip outside of paris to giverny, where you can find monet’s house and gardens.  i was amazed at just how much his painting resemble the life he had there.
it was so beautiful, i would have painted the water lilies too.

a grey day

May 3, 2010

it’s a little overcast today, with dwindling rain that won’t seem to go away.

i actually don’t mind, because i am busy working on a project indoors… and while i may not want to walk around in the rain, i can certainly be inspired by the colors outside.

images via nelson sepulveda, lobster + swan, and grijs

cerisiers à fleurs

April 22, 2010

the cherry blossoms are out and about in paris these days.  you never quite know when you will turn a corner and get a glimpse of pink in a courtyard next to a church, or in the garden next to the muséum national d’histoire naturelle.
oh the things you see on a sunday in paris.

camp or build a fort?

April 9, 2010

my friend céline and i are currently sitting across from each other trying to do some work, albeit poorly since it is so nice outside and because we are talking about finding a place somewhere around paris where we can go camping.  our plans have reached a detour, however, since we do not have a tent/sleeping bag/anything else that makes camping possible.


we can always build a fort!

image via gretchen mist.