alan, steven sp.11

February 1, 2011












so, i’m not quite sure whether steven alan has been looking at my wardrobe for inspiration for his new spring line…

…or maybe it’s that he knows what i want my wardrobe to look like and used that as inspiration for his new spring line.

either way, i think he’s following me.



while i’m away n°5

January 11, 2010

the mom over at the french blog, petits bonheurs, dresses her kids in the cutest way!  perhaps she would like to go shopping for me too.

petits bonheurs

le bon hatter

September 2, 2009


P1040515P1040517P1040518P1040523 being the big fan of hats that i am, i was excited to see these at le bon marché, the high end department store located in the sixth eme.

they carry beautifully designed products, as well as having an extensive gourmet market located right across the street from the main store called la grande epicerie.  make sure not to miss the contemporary clothing department located directly above the market… where you can find a few more reasonably priced items.


whats in a name

May 1, 2009

kd-hatif you’re anything like me, you follow the foolproof method of choosing a winner in the derby…the name of course!

but if that doesn’t work out, you still get to don your derby hat and cheer as loudly as you can.

wire-y headpieces

April 24, 2009

wire-hat-2the upcoming kentucky derby is just another reason to wear an over the top hat. these wire headpieces, from australian designer Zoë Newsome, are made to represent flowers, and are what i would imagine alexander calder would fashion if he had made hats. unfortunately not for sale, the search for a derby hat continues.

easter-bonnetwriting about the red hat reminded me of my easter bonnet i put together out of things i found around my apartment.  as a child i always loved donning a crazy hat and going to easter brunch with my parents, something about it seemed so grown-up.  i am happy to continue the tradition, even though at this point, something about it makes me feel like a kid

amy hamilton of granville millinery makes beautiful hats


the elusive red hat

April 20, 2009

red-beretthe perfect red hat has been something of a scavenger hunt for me.  i have searched high and low, backwards and forwards for about five years now, to no avail.  i can’t quite pinpoint exactly what triggered this search, but i do know that i have accumulated quite a few over the years, none of which quite being ‘the one’.  perhaps one day when i find myself in detroit, i will stop at mr. song’s millinery shop (of aretha franklin hat fame) and find what i have been looking for.  until then i will continue searching.

mr. song millinery