sunday morning

April 25, 2010

that’s all.


pancakes it’s always a special day when, for whatever reason, someone has made pancakesit sets the mood for the rest of the day.

i found a great recipe for whole wheat banana walnut pancakes with vanilla brown-sugar syrup on joythebaker, which i plan to make very soon (perhaps when my friend jeanne comes to visit next week!).

pancakes are such a traditional american breakfast, it makes perfect sense that someone has opened up a restaurant in paris devoted to them.  appropriately named breakfast in america, it is so popular that they have opened two locations.

i had to go.

so i went on sunday, stood in line (it’s a long one) and had (what else?) pancakes, bacon and eggs.  i see where someone in the states might not understand the importance of such a find, as we have restaurants with pancake in the name, but once you don’t have it… you miss it.


well, the consensus amongst friends is that it is pretty good.  really good in fact.

but not quite as good as making them yourself on a sunday morning.




whole wheat banana walnut pancakes with vanilla brown-sugar syrup

make sure to check out her other pancake recipes too!

breakfast in america


August 21, 2009

12815my favorite french word thus far is pamplemousse (pahm-pul-a-moose).


mmm… baked grapefruit.


-cut grapefruit in half

-put one teaspoon of butter on each half

-sprinkle each half with one tablespoon brown sugar

-then sprinkle each half with one tablespoon cinnamon

-put in the oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes until top is bubbly.

-enjoy baked pamplemousse!

happy sundayi think we should appreciate that the mail doesn’t arrive on sundays.  no bills, no unwanted catalogs, no wanted catalogs that just remind you of things you can’t afford (ahem, anthropologie catalog).

instead, we should take a cue from the french (and the post office) and relax… finish side projects we started but have set aside, enjoy lunch with friends, go for sunday morning drives, read a book, see a movie.

so in honor of sunday, relax, and recharge for the upcoming week.

egg in a basket

July 23, 2009

edible cover- egg in basket

first, cut a hole in a slice of bread.

second, fry an egg in the center.

third, enjoy.

if you had asked me when i was younger, i would have told you that my dad invented the egg in a basket breakfast extraordinaire….

…i should let him know that his invention made it onto the cover of edible magazine.

ricotta doughnuts

June 17, 2009

ricotta-doughnutsdon’t these just look absolutely scrumdiddleyumptious?

they remind me of the cinnamon sugar beignets that my friend katie and i used to get when we brunched at egg in brooklyn (before everyone else decided to too)

the recipe looks super easy.

let me know how delicious they are!

bacon 1this recipe is for my dad.

…and pretty much everyone else i know.

what will you be making for breakfast this weekend?

the recipe

another winner from joy the baker.