seeing these photos from keller immediately brought back memories of brooklyn.
the style, the look, the location.

it’s no wonder that they are from brooklyn based designer kelly clark.

check out more designs here.


mast brothers chocolate

November 11, 2009


i‘ve been meaning to post about the mast brothers and their chocolate for a while now (months and months and months….really).  i had the opportunity to talk to the brothers a while back for work, and have been a fan ever since (they gave me tasty chocolate barsAnna_Wolf-899h575Anna_Wolf-897h575).   to give you an idea about their business, when i visited their ‘factory/store’ i found them sitting at the front table wrapping the chocolate in their beautiful papers.  that same personal attention to detail is carried throughout the whole process….they make each batch from the best cacao right in their factory in williamsburg, brooklyn.  the space itself is amazing, used as a chocolate factory during the week, the front part is open as a store on the weekends where you can come and taste the various concoctions they have created.  my favorite is the dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt… but try for yourself, it is sold all over new york, and available in batches online.

mast brothers chocolate.

portraits by ana wolf for untitled magazine.

moon river chattel

November 6, 2009

3448418368_a32cfd48a1so my last post got me thinking about one of my other favorite brooklyn stores, moon river chatteli‘ve never left disappointed.  they are always bringing in new furniture that they have refurbished or found, and carry a wide range of other equally beautiful things.  the downside: their website is awful, but you can see some of their products on their flickr…  but really, you should just get a coffee at oslo down the street and visit the actual store.

moon river chattel
62 grand street
brooklyn, ny 11211


brook farm general store

November 5, 2009

brook farm general storebrookfarm general store300-6brook farm general store is really worth checking out.  they have a beautiful selection of home products, simple yet classic, old and modern.  everything from whiskey rocks to hammam towels.

and luckily for those of us not in brooklyn, they have an online store too!

brook farm general store
75 south 6th street
brooklyn, ny 11211


block party

August 19, 2009

spikeleemjinviteif you are in brooklyn, especially in fort greene (i think you know who you are), i will be disappointed if you don’t go to this.

what: spike lee’s block party celebration

where: fort greene park, brooklyn

when: august 29th, 12:00 to 5:00

why: because i told you to go

the red arrow

August 11, 2009

P1040137now where have i seen this boy before?

he looks so familiar.

oh yes, now i recall.

i‘ve taken a picture of him before….

…in brooklyn.

it’s amazing how a familiar graffiti tag can make you feel at home.

P1010202can you tell which one belongs where?