a few things about bruges

August 17, 2010

there are a few things that come to mind when i think of bruges, belgium.


…and we tried them all.

i highly recommend renting a bicycle, finding your way to the farmers market in the central square and getting a fresh waffle with powdered sugar (they blew all the others we tried right out of the water).  once you are finished debating whether or not to get another one, buy some things for a picnic, strap them to the back of your bike and head out towards damme, a beautiful little town not too far away from bruges.


dirty hands and dirty jobs

January 1, 2010

how will you get your hands dirty this year?


poster via roland tiangco

happy new year’s eve.
o paint the town red with incredible shoes.

shoes a la alexander mcqueen.

happy new year. celebrate.


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here’s hoping you have a white christmas

which also happens to be my favorite christmas movie.


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today i am all about relaxing
(and luckily i have two jet lagged people visiting who are all about it too)


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advent post #24

December 24, 2009