flowing and fluttering lanvin

February 25, 2011


i think if i had any of these amazing dresses by lanvin,
i would just walk. everywhere. all day long.


holy moly givenchy

February 3, 2011

i never cease to be amazed at what people create, and the new sp.11 collection by givenchy is no exception.  inspired by a cross between japanese robot toys and dancer kazuo ohno, designer riccardo tisci has managed to design a line that well,  looks pretty much like what he was inspired by…. i think you could throw in a lobster and a crane here and there, but yes, spot on.

one outfit alone required 2000 hours of cutting and 4000 hours of sewing.  wowza.

see the whole collection.

alan, steven sp.11

February 1, 2011












so, i’m not quite sure whether steven alan has been looking at my wardrobe for inspiration for his new spring line…

…or maybe it’s that he knows what i want my wardrobe to look like and used that as inspiration for his new spring line.

either way, i think he’s following me.



February 1, 2011

anthropologie is finally unveiling it’s bridal line, bhldn, on february fourteenth.

as my soon-to-be-wed-in-the-process-of-planning-her-wedding friend jeanne put it, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap”.

hopefully following the footsteps of jcrew, i think it might be a great asset to help keep down the what can be over-the-moon costs of weddings these days.
however, i guess we won’t know until valentine’s day.



back to school shopping

September 9, 2010

so it seems as if the last vestiges of summer are slipping away, making room for apple picking, sharpened pencils and crunching leaves.

…and making a list of what i would want as my back to school wardrobe.

images from canadian elle, zara, filippa k, jcrew

seeing these photos from keller immediately brought back memories of brooklyn.
the style, the look, the location.

it’s no wonder that they are from brooklyn based designer kelly clark.

check out more designs here.

seeing as summer is almost over, the tingle of back-to-school shopping is creeping in….

….check out my backpack picks over on natural history blog.

black canvas bag from Makr Carry Goods