lonny magazine

November 5, 2009

lonny magin a world where we no longer have the likes of domino and blueprint, it’s nice to know that some of those editors are making an online equivalent with the introduction of lonny magazine. by making the content available online, they are able to produce more stories and real life portraits, as well as allowing the readers to be able to click right on the items featured and be taken directly to the website.

i can’t wait to see what they do with their next issue due out soon!

lonny magazine

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gourmet and cookie fold

October 4, 2009


more sad magazine news: conde nast announced that they will be closing gourmet and cookie magazines.

when will the craziness end?

COOKIE-magazine---August-20 nytimes article.

it’s a good thing.

June 25, 2009

photo shoot flowerstoday, as many of you might already know, is my last day at work.  as with any job, there were both good and bad things, but ultimately, there wasn’t a day that i wasn’t surrounded by inspiring images, things and most of all incredibly talented and creative people.

this picture was taken at my last photo shoot, and gives a small example of the beautiful things i was surrounded by here on any ordinary day.

i am looking forward to incorporating everything i’ve learned and done here into my continual education in design, but more importantly, i am excited to now move on to the next adventure.

crewcut cover

May 27, 2009

jcrew i just got my new jcrew catalog in the mail, and once again, they’ve done such a beautiful job with their design and colors.

i‘d say i have more fun shopping the catalog and folding down the corners of the pages and marking the items i want, than i have shopping in the actual store.

it really is unlike any other catalog.

underwater fashion

May 13, 2009

underwater anthroits no secret that i am a fan of anything anthropologie, as most girls my age are.  their design aesthetic and execution is amazing, as evident in their current underwater catalog.

watch the video about the photographer here.

my job description.

May 7, 2009

photosometimes my job consists of wrapping flowers for zac posen.

i dont know why exactly.

healthy at any age

April 30, 2009

streamassetcontent look for me in the healthy at any age issue of body and soul magazine.   they are currently taking pictures of over a hundred women of all ages to profile in their upcoming issue.

at least the picture will only be an inch tall.