saturday morning at the farmer’s market

July 22, 2009

FM- grapesFM plumsFM berriesFM carrotsFM baby articokesFM veggiesFM flowersFM breadFM beansFM car

my mom (the tall blonde next to the grapes, hi mom!) and i headed to the saturday morning farmers market here in santa barbara, where we had wheatgrass shots, listened to bluegrass, and of course, sampled the goods.

everyone has their own favorite strawberry stand or guy that they buy their tomatoes from.  they come here to buy roasted almonds, lavender oils and fresh seafood.  the protocol for baskets even differs as much as the people who carry them… some push carts, some  carry hand-woven baskets, and the lucky ones have filled-to-the-brim radio flyers.

don’t fret if you are busy saturday mornings, however, as the market moves to the lower half of state street on tuesday afternoons.


One Response to “saturday morning at the farmer’s market”

  1. […] can’t wait to visit the farmer’s market in santa barbara when i get home… they always have such a wide and delicious […]

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