September 12, 2010

I will let you see the contents of my shopping cart at Uguisu before they become my ohmygoodnesslookatmynewbeautifulcraftsupplies.

(which also happens to be the same as i-just-spent-all-my-money-on-new-craft-supplies).



snail mail via email

April 6, 2010

now before you get excited, as i did when i saw this, you must know that this is just a concept by some syracuse students.  having that said, i’m really hoping that something like this happens even though it really serves no purpose other than giving me joy every time i get mail.  the idea is that you can send mail through your gmail account and it will be sent in letter form through usps, with the super cool map envelopes that pinpoint exactly where it was sent from.

until then, it would be a fun project to do yourself.

read more about it here.

washi tape

December 30, 2009



these are perfect for japanese washi tape
(the same tape that i am kind of obsessed with)

tape dispensers

washi tape

postal co.

December 30, 2009

leather goods, stationary and general miscellany from postal co, a japanese based company.

postal co.

more than a rolodex

November 27, 2009

i used to walk by some of my coworker’s desks with envy every time i spotted one of these address files from lovely designthey were so much more fun than my plain black rolodex from w.b. mason.

and now you can get a fancy assortment of cards to fill up your fancy address file too!

searching for a zip code has never been so fun.

lovely design

rifle paper co.

November 25, 2009

i am very excited that anna from rifle paper co. has their new online shop up and running in time for the holidays, just in time for christmas cards and thank you notes.

i love their old-timey whimsical designs.

rifle paper co.

ooh-la la!

November 12, 2009

Par03Par05Par09Par01sometimes i think that i could solely get by on just a few simple french phrases.

now, thanks to darling clementine’s little french note cards, i don’t even have to say them.

c’est bon