a grey day

May 3, 2010

it’s a little overcast today, with dwindling rain that won’t seem to go away.

i actually don’t mind, because i am busy working on a project indoors… and while i may not want to walk around in the rain, i can certainly be inspired by the colors outside.

images via nelson sepulveda, lobster + swan, and grijs


pagoda the rain away

July 23, 2009

pagodai just read about these pagoda umbrellas on  the delightful blog, olivetnot only are they whimsical, but the whimsy is customizable… as in you get to pick and choose the colors, making your pagoda uniquely yours.

start singing in the rain.


stormy weather noodles.

June 18, 2009


rain, rain go away…


you see, i’m headed out to flushing for spicy beef noodles today, and the trip would be so much more delightful if i wasn’t soaking wet by the time i got there.

…will you come back another day?

photographer unknown.

rainy day umbrella

April 21, 2009

umbrella-skyseeing as it is  a foggy, rainy day, this picture seemed most appropriate. if only there were colorful umbrellas floating above to keep you dry.

find beautiful umbrella’s here.

thank you to daniella’s blog for today’s inspiration.