advent post #3

December 3, 2009

why not have a christmas tree of lights outside?

picture from cox & cox


advent post #2

December 2, 2009

what kind of wreath will you hang on your door?

eucalyptus wreath from cox & cox

advent post #1

December 1, 2009

i‘m going to try doing a blog-advent calendar.

one holiday-esque picture a day.

no explanations, no stories… just a little something to help get in the holiday mood.







picture from martha stewart living.

and now for a confession…

December 1, 2009

…today is the day that my mom ‘officially’ starts listening to the kenny g miracles album… and although every year i make fun of her for it, it wouldn’t feel like christmas without it.

it ranks right up there with the stockings my grandma needle-pointed and the glass icicle ornaments that we have had forever in things that remind me of christmas.

so it is only fitting that today i found myself longing for and listening to kenny g (and thus my confession)

but now it feels like christmas thousands of miles from home.

go ahead listen, you know you want to.

a parisian thanksgiving

November 29, 2009

seeing as this was the first year that i haven’t been home for thanksgiving, i decided to host it at my apartment for all the foreigners… all fourteen of them.  it was so nice to be able to spend it with people who understand and celebrate thanksgiving…. but it was also nice to have people who don’t and who never have, and be able to share that tradition with them.

it was a potluck of sorts so the food was just as eclectic as the people… everything from thanksgiving staples such as mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie all the way to turkish manti, swedish glögg and fried chicken with plantains, we had it all…everything that is, but turkey.  not having an oven makes it a little hard to cook one, but in all honesty, it really wasn’t needed as there was so many other delicious dishes.

i was a little preoccupied trying to get everything done, so i didn’t get a chance to take pictures… but thanks to my very helpful and very talented friend lisa (from birdie-birdie), i do!

p.s. the last picture is of me in my teeny kitchen- it reminds me of martha stewart in one of those fake my-kitchen-is-spotless-even-though-i’ve-been-cooking-all-day sort of pictures. except my kitchen was not spotless.

pelpa, etc.

November 28, 2009

these finger puppets from london based pelpa, etc. are some of the best finger puppets i’ve ever seen.

pelpa, etc blog


more than a rolodex

November 27, 2009

i used to walk by some of my coworker’s desks with envy every time i spotted one of these address files from lovely designthey were so much more fun than my plain black rolodex from w.b. mason.

and now you can get a fancy assortment of cards to fill up your fancy address file too!

searching for a zip code has never been so fun.

lovely design