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February 14, 2011

have a wonderful valentine’s day.


a familiar orange octopus

February 13, 2011

when i saw this illustration by amber alexander, i recognized the octopus immediately!  you can’t tell me that it’s not the same one i had the pleasure of meeting at the oregon aquarium back in september.
it simply must be the same one.
no question about it.


check out more work by amber alexander.

black (white + red) swan

February 12, 2011

i have not seen the movie, but i do love these posters for it.


posters created by design group La Boca.

oh, this old house?

February 8, 2011

just a few places i could spend some time in my imaginary home.


images via things that inspire, delight by design

tgi-a colorful-f

February 4, 2011

just a couple of pictures i felt should go together.


for whatever reason, i simply cannot remember the sources for these images except for the last two (terrain and electric feathers)… so if you happen to know, i will gladly post it.

cherri house, quilter

February 4, 2011

yesterday i posted about a woman, fred shand, who created quilts with a very organic feel to them. non-traditional.

i thought it would be fun to post about the opposite. cherri house is a well known quilter who has written a variety of books, one of which is city quilts, where she takes her inspiration from the city. sometimes when you are walking in and around and through a city, you can forget to stop and admire just how amazing it can be.

cherri has managed to do that, and then put it in a quilt, go figure.


cherri house, city quilts.

holy moly givenchy

February 3, 2011

i never cease to be amazed at what people create, and the new sp.11 collection by givenchy is no exception.  inspired by a cross between japanese robot toys and dancer kazuo ohno, designer riccardo tisci has managed to design a line that well,  looks pretty much like what he was inspired by…. i think you could throw in a lobster and a crane here and there, but yes, spot on.

one outfit alone required 2000 hours of cutting and 4000 hours of sewing.  wowza.

see the whole collection.