September 7, 2010

from copenhagen we headed to berlin, a city that i’ve learned so much about, and yet had no pre-conceived notions about what it would be like.  since it’s only been twenty years since the berlin wall has come down, it felt very much like a relatively young city trying to figure out who it wanted to be, which lent itself to many great neighborhoods to explore.  i must admit that i didn’t expect to like germany as much as i did, but in both berlin and munich, we had such a great time.

here are a few pictures from the east side gallery, the part of the berlin wall that has since been painted by various artists from around the world:

there are memorials found all around the city, some not as obvious as others, as is the case with the used book sale which happens every day, rain or shine, in front of humboldt university… the site of the book burning during world war two.

and then, there’s the hotel where michael jackson held blanket out the window… which of course i had to get a picture of.

we then headed to nchen (munich) in the south, where we set our clocks by the glockenspiel, watched the deutschland world cup game at the chinese beer garden in the park, and ate sausage, saurkraut and pretzels to our hearts delight.


2 Responses to “deutschland”

  1. Lacey Bean Says:

    I took the same picture of the hotel. 🙂 Did you see “The Empty Library” at Bebelplatz?


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