the best street food around.

May 9, 2010

new life goal: try all of the best street food around the world.

now that i have that settled, it’s a good thing the hard part has already been done, the list is already made:

1. banh mi * ho chi minh city, vietnam
2. Tacos * san miguel de allende, mexico
3. tripe sandwiches * florence , italy
4. green papaya salad * bangkok, thailand
5. currywurst * berlin, germany
6. any asian food * singapore
7. bhel puri * mumbai, india
8. frites * brussels, belgium
9. arepas * cartagena, columbia
10. jerk pork and jerk chicken * ocho rios, jamaica
11. sheep’s head * marrakech, morocco

now there are a few additions i would add to this list, but it is a good starting off point… and i have it on good authority that both numbers 5 and 8 will be crossed off next month.

to find out the specific locations where you can find the best food on the street, read the article.

image from conde nast traveler


One Response to “the best street food around.”

  1. JKB Says:

    For a second I thought I read “5 through 8,” and was going to be like CHASE TAYLOR WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?!

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