the west side bridges of paris

April 30, 2010

i spent the day walking west along the seine, photographing all the bridges on the way.

i started with pont neuf, which crosses over the tip of ile de la cité.

the next bridge is pont des arts, a pedestrian bridge where during the nicer months you can find people picnicking and having a glass of wine while they watch the sunset.

sometimes the most interesting thing about a bridge is what’s going on next to it.  such is the case with pont du carrousel, which leads into the courtyard of the louvre.

exactly opposite this bridge is pont royal, which mimics the  one before it yet maintains it’s own identity.

sometimes it’s what happening on the bridge, like with the other pedestrian bridge, passerelle solférino:

perhaps it’s the life that happens underneath the bridges, in the houseboats that line the banks of the seine.  pont de la concorde:

some bridges are so ornate, it is impossible to capture all of the decadence at one time.  pont alexandre III with its gold gilded tops and guarding lions is perhaps the best example of this:

pont des invalides:

some bridges are an odd mix of materials and design, such as pont de l’alma:

some for what is behind it. passerelle debilly:

some for what it leads to, (this picture was taken late last summer, which is why there is a different kind of light) pont d’iéna:

some with what’s going on between the train tracks above and the pedestrians and cars below.  pont de bir-hakeim:

there is a park, more of an island of sorts, that runs between this and the next bridge, pont de grenelle. when i came up to the next bridge, this is what i saw:

and the last bridge on my tour, pont mirabeau, reflects the green of the river seine.

and this is where i turned left and walked into one of the prettiest parks i have seen in paris.  divided up into different sections, parc andré citroën is worth going and getting yourself lost for a while.

…and that is the end of my tour of the west side bridges.


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