bird songs

April 26, 2010

everyone can think of a familiar bird song that reminds them of someplace.  even if you can’t summon it to mind automatically, when you hear it, it is subconsciously familiar.  for me, it goes something like whowoo, who who who. i actually have no idea what kind of bird makes this call, but i heard it this morning while the streets were still quiet enough to hear the sounds of birds chirping.

it reminded me that i haven’t visited the marché aux oiseaux in a while, so i decided to take a stroll across the river to île de la cité and see what i could find.

the first three i came across looked like they were three gangsters, the big boss bird is the one in the middle, with his slightly dumb sidekicks to either side:

and others were just content being beautiful and showing off their colors:

i know these bird song books have been around for a while now, but i am still fascinated with how great they are.

you can find the books here.

for more information about the marché aux oiseaux


One Response to “bird songs”

  1. diana Says:

    Hi Chase 🙂
    Love your posts!!! I wanted to guess at your bird sound…something like “who-woo, who who who”. I bet it’s a dove.

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