goat cheese season

April 25, 2010

it has come to my attention, as i passed by my local fromagerie, that it is now la meilleur saison pour les chevres, or the best season for goat cheese.  i didn’t even know that cheeses had a season, so i went in search of why.  apparently, the taste is determined by it’s ripening time, or directly related to the actual seasons. for instance, cow cheeses are determined by whether the cows are indoors for the winter or outdoors for the summer; whether they are eating hay, or grass.

so basically, happy goats make for better cheeses.  hooray! now i have a reason to eat a lot of cheese!  alice waters even teaches that you should eat food when it is in season, and the season is upon us (of course, this only stands until it goes out of season again, in which case… i will still eat cheese).

a brief list of cheese seasons:
goat cheese : from easter to the beginning of november
brie and camembert : from may until december
beaufort : september to march (this cheese is better a bit aged)

two of perhaps the best fromageries in paris:
barthélémy, 51 rue de grenelle (a favorite of the barefoot contessa)
androuët, 41 rue d’amsterdam

if you are now craving some chevre, this garlic, rosemary and olive oil goat cheese spread from eating is art just looks delicious, and so easy!

to read more about french cheese.
to read more about alice waters and her new book.


2 Responses to “goat cheese season”

  1. Tricia Says:

    You have such a lovely blog, I am honored with the mention :). Do you live in Paris? If so, how lucky!!

    • chase Says:

      I do live in Paris! At least for a short while…. I definitely can’t complain!
      I must say that all of your food looks absolutely delicious! As soon as I have an oven again I am making the rhubarb pear vanilla pie.


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