a little saturday afternoon rugby

April 24, 2010

today i had scheduled a relaxing, do nothing kind of saturday afternoon. so when my friend céline called inviting me to a paris rugby game, i grabbed my bag and headed to the stade (stadium). now, growing up in california  (and i might even go so far as to say the states in general) rugby isn’t one of the more popular sports… so i really knew very little about it. everything that i did in fact know came from movies or television shows (i know you’ve seen that friends episode). all i really knew was the ‘group huddle’ and that it looked very aggressive. and very painful.

well it was, and i have now come to the conclusion that the intensity and pure raw man-ness of a sport is directly inversely related to the level of girly-ness the uniforms can look… and just leave it to the paris team, stade francaise, to have the darn girliest of them all. the color you ask? hot pink.

oh, and the opposing racing metro 92 team? powder blue stripes.

as it goes with any sports team, the fans wear the color… well they flew their flags too, so whenever a point was won, the whole stadium blew up like bubble gum.

all in all it was a lot of fun.  i‘ll just need to brush up on my rugby knowledge before the next game.


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