on my last day of french class

April 23, 2010

on my last day of french class, i am going to post something not about french at all…. but rather, about the chalkboard in my class.  every day, this odd inexplicable satisfaction comes over me with the sound of the chalk on the chalkboard, and even more so… stay with me on this, this is going to be a weird one… they joy i have when my teacher erases the board completely before moving on to the next exercise, no stray marks or words left behind. right in the middle of learning l’imparfait tense, my fingers start aching with the desire to draw on the board.   luckily, i am able to hold back, but only with the promise that one day i will paint one of my walls with chalkboard paint, and draw away to my hearts desire.

and that, is perhaps the long and very odd connection as to why i am drawn to these two pictures.

oh, and they’re pretty too.




unknown, maison-couturier


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