a wee dram o’ edinburgh

March 29, 2010

i‘ve just returned from two weeks of living out of a suitcase, eating delicious food and exploring both new and familiar cities.  new york was my first destination, allowing me to visit friends and favorite places, but more importantly, watch my friend lacey get married to her wonderful dave! (you can see pictures of her wedding on her blog).

the second part of my trip, of which you will see here, was edinburgh, scotlandit was so refreshing to be surrounded by mountains and green grass and water…. and cheddar cheese, pints of deuchars and english (well, that last one is questionable).  unfortunately, the weather was a complete change from the warm spring sunshine i found in new york, but i wouldn’t give up having seen the city amongst the mysterious fog for anything.

the trip was full of walking around and seeing the historic castles and bridges… but we did our fair share of more kitschy touristy sites as well, which includes, but is not limited to: the city of the dead ghost tour, the whiskey experience, the scottish tartan factory and wait for it… the 3d loch ness monster experience (a little better in name than in actuality, but we had to).

the best of these tours was bar none the whiskey experience.  it consisted of a barrel ride through the process of making whiskey (which was no less than a disneyland ride), a smell and taste test from the different regions where whiskey is made in scotland and a glimpse of their huge collection of vintage whiskeys:

everywhere you went there was tartan…  i’m amazed i made it home without any of it really, but i did manage to take a few pictures of the looms used to make the famous fabric.  the size and speed at which these machines worked was incredible, much different than the smaller moroccan counterpart.


2 Responses to “a wee dram o’ edinburgh”

  1. steveinasia Says:

    You’ve nailed Edinburgh completely. whiskey, tartan and fog.

  2. Leslie Says:

    How absolutely exciting!!!

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