an auction of treasureless treasures

January 22, 2010

when you find yourself to be one of only two girls (and you are with the other one) amongst a large group of men standing around, you very quickly start subconsciously assessing the situation around you.  things you might consider are time of day, the country you are in, just how many people there are etc, etc.

the answers to my questions:
middle of the day
essaouira, morocco
approximately 100 men
a courtyard
a very large pile of random objects
everyone standing around considering the large pile of random objects
two girls watching everyone stand around staring at the large pile of random objects
my camera

after about five minutes or so, the auction started.

each item was paraded around the circle a few times, sometimes stopping to be examined, sometimes to be sold.  there were shoes, tv sets, toys and my favorite, an opened umbrella…opened, just to make sure you knew that it was a nice umbrella.

this was one of two times in morocco that someone grabbed me and led me into a large crowded circle so that i could see the events close up.  the other being a music circle at place jemaa el fna in marrakech.

if i had known even a little bit of arabic, i probably would have bid on that umbrella.


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