goumanyat & son

November 12, 2009

goumanyati am having thanksgiving at my apartment this year, and have decided that i am going to make glögg, the swedish equivalent of mulled wine but with blanched almonds and raisins.  well, i couldn’t find all the necessary spices at my local franprix and monoprix,  which gave me the perfect reason to visit goumanyat, an amazing spice store located just south of republique.

actually, they specialize in saffron.

2777451042_36c917750d_onot only did i find what i was looking for from their amazing selection of spices, i walked away with some saffron flavored caramels too.  for over two hundred years the thiercelin family has been growing, packaging and selling saffron… and what selling they do!  it comes in honey, caramels, syrups, vinegar, oil, chocolate.  but that’s not all, they also carry himalayan rock salt, tahitian vanilla beans, rosemary syrup and plenty of other gourmet cooking essentials.

v-goum-int395.1 recipe for glögg


3 cinnamon sticks
dried orange peel
dried ginger
10 cardamom seeds
10 whole cloves
1 cup water
about 2/5 cup sugar
1 bottle of wine
blanched almonds

what to do:

heat spices and water until boiling, let sit overnight
strain spices out
add wine and simmer
add sugar to taste
serve over some raisins and almonds


goumanyat and son


pictures from nytimes and david leibovitz


One Response to “goumanyat & son”

  1. Claudia Lapin Says:

    Hi! Friend of Stan here! love the look of your site and want to share that I’ve visited vanilla plantations in Tahiti, Mexico and Seychelles. Did you know it’s an orchid that blooms for one day only, and that a slave in Madagascar (12 years old, I think) was the one who figured out how to hand pollinate?? The pix you have of saffron are so lovely, and make me think of saffron robes of monks in ancient China — purple was the royal color of Europe. So what you’re doing is providing a feast for the senses! You’re pulling me all over the globe and through time and space in my thoughts. Thanks!

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