the sweet life…in paris

October 29, 2009

sweetlifeinparisbooksin a nutshell my day yesterday revolved mainly around food.  not by choice, more of just a coincidence (well, maybe a little by choice, i mean, let’s be honest).

things i did:

1. get a croissant from poilâne (you would understand if you’ve ever had one)

2. drop my shoes off at the cordonnier (the cobbler- 4 rue du regard, 6th arrondissement… recommended by the ladies at repetto)

3. try on hats at le bon marché.

4. get tasty treats at l’etoile d’or (see previous post) as per the recommendation of american-expat-pastry-chef david leibovitz, who writes an amazing blog of places to eat in paris and just wrote a new book, the sweet life in paris.

5. make a stop over at delmontel boulangerie.
voted best baguette in 2007, how could i not?

P10501216. go to the american library in paris for a few books to read on the metro.

**lo and behold, i notice that the aforementioned david leibovitz is doing a talk and book signing at the very-one-and-only american library that very night**

7. bank, blah, rent, blah

8. dinner consisting of oozey italian burrata cheese and tangy marinated artichoke hearts from the italian market down the street (but more on that some other time)

9. back to the library for the nights festivities of three paris food writers talking about dessert in paris!

P1050124dorie greenspan, david leibovitz and alexander lobrano are all very accomplished expat food writers who have specialized in the ‘sweeter side of life’ in paris.  the three writers all hail from the states, which gives them the great ability to appreciate french dessert and pastries from an outside perspective, all while adding various nuances about the difficulty of actually being a foreigner in paris, and the things you miss.  at one point, i believe david leibovitz joked that you better be comfortable being an american in paris, or else the french will walk all over you (he was kidding, kind of).  all in all, it was a delightful evening, i got great pastry tips, got my books signed, and got my face painted.  only two of those things are true…  i’ll let you decide.


One Response to “the sweet life…in paris”

  1. rachelle Says:

    are we soul mates?
    I was looking up where I could get the best burrata cheese in nyc YESTERDAY!!!

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