a l’etoile d’or

October 28, 2009

P1050146today was the day that i discovered delicious caramel-beurre-salé or butter salted caramels from henri le rouxi found them right alongside the bernachon chocolate bars, one of the few chocolate companies that make their chocolate from scratch…. as in they import the cocoa beans, then roast and grind them into chocolate.

where, you ask?!

a l’etoile d’or of course!

P1050108tucked away in the winding streets of pigalle, this amazing candy store carries some of the most delicious candies (ahem, like those mentioned above).

P1050111the shop is owned by the nicest woman, denise acabo, who is known for her braids, plaid skirts and sweet personality (pun intended)even though it was my first time there, it felt as though i was a regular customer (maybe she could tell i would become one?).

P1050116i can’t wait to go back, so many other delicious treats await!

a l’etoile d’or

30, rue fontaine
métro: blanche
closed sunday and monday.

henri le roux



One Response to “a l’etoile d’or”

  1. […] get tasty treats at l’etoile d’or (see previous post) as per the recommendation of american-expat-pastry-chef david leibovitz, who writes an amazing […]

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