madeleine vionnet

October 8, 2009

rubon453-241165b106ee81c0b21caffd39fdfc6970edf627ae486518d0e34ebcca8887b0276ccvionnet+16vionnet+18vionnet+17one great thing about going back to school, especially art school, are the field trips.  today, i had the great pleasure of  going to the madeleine vionnet exhibition at les arts décoratif

vionnet was an instrumental woman designer in the early 20th century who introduced a new way of draping fabric and considering the female form in her designs.  her dresses are absolutely beautiful, with great attention to detail, impeccable embroidery and classic lines.

if you want to see for yourself, the exhibition will be up until the end of january 2010, or you can purchase the le catalogue de l’exposition.


One Response to “madeleine vionnet”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Thank you for posting. It’s easy to forget the great designers. As a
    teenager I carried around a book of ‘Erte’ and another on Egyptian art as design inspiration.

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