i ♥ dumplings

September 29, 2009

dumpling 3dumplingdumpling 2i love dumplings.

fried dumplings, steamed dumplings, soup dumplings, wontons, pierogi, gyoza, manti, and so on and so forth.

my friend jeanne, knowing full well about my dumpling cravings (she has been dragged to joe’s shanghai for soup dumplings on multiple occasions), sent me a little post she found about dumplings in new york.

the places visited:

tasty dumpling, fried dumpling, vanessa’s dumplings, vanessa’s dumpling house, joe’s shanghai, shanghai cuisine, prosperity dumpling, dumpling man and plump dumpling.

you can read for yourself what they thought was the best fried dumpling… oryou could go and taste for yourself.  i must also mention that if you are in new york, you must hop on the seven train and take a ride out to flushing where a plethora of delicious dumplings await.


when i worked at living, i remember cutting out an story called “dumplings of the world” (from september 2008) which gave the recipes for, guess what, dumplings found around the world! it covered chinese wontons, polish pierogi, nepalese momos, swedish kroppkakor, italian gnudi, indonesian onde onde, austrian topfenknoedel and turkish mantii cannot seem to find it online, but if you can get your hands on that issue, you should start cooking.

in the meantime, i did manage to find a post of the turkish manti recipe on the bitten word.

p.s. if anyone happens to stumble across a good place for dumplings in paris, please let me know!

top three photos: grubstreet

bottom two: martha stewart living


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