time for halloween… costumes.

September 17, 2009

WDY_julia_leaveatrailofglitterright about now i start getting the itch for halloween, or rather, the time right before halloween when i get to make my costume.  inspiration can come from anywhere… last year i happened to look at a fishing fly lure, and there it was.   many, many feathers later, i had my costume.  you are never too old to dress up.

seeing that i’m in paris this year, my idea for a costume may never come into fruition, but next year will be double the fun.

what will you be?


3 Responses to “time for halloween… costumes.”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Je crois que seuls ces chaussures ferait un beau costume

  2. rachelle Says:

    so a bunch of us wanna be the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own.
    Im having trouble figuring out how to do this costume on the cheap.
    It is proving VERY difficult to find peach tennis skirts…THOUGHTS???

    • chase Says:

      you should get cheap felt from the fabric market and just make a simple skirt pattern, like a big cheerio, with a one seam. that way it can be custom to each person, but you can also have it as short as you want…. and felt is really cheap. umm, btw, there’s no crying in baseball!!!

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