mamie gâteaux

August 25, 2009

Mamie+Gâteauxtoday was the day that windows were washed, doors were opened, and people filled the streets.  you see, today was the begining of the end of the month- long parisian august vacation.  thank goodness!

i have been waiting in anticipation for this salon de the to open right around the corner from where i am staying, and i finally got the chance to go!

mamie gâteaux, (or in english, granny cakes) is a wonderful restaurant that is open tuesday through saturday in the sixth arrondissement, right down the street from le bon marché.  all of mamie gâteaux’s cakes, tarts and tortes are baked right in the kitchen that day.  i had a delicious chevre and courgette tart with a large café au lait.  scrumptiousi will have to go back another day and conquer the desserts, as they promise to be just as good.Dsc03227Dsc04781

the decor, is in one word, charming.  the menus are printed on lined schoolpaper, the inside somehow embodies what you would imagine a place that bakes cakes would look like.  the restaurant is run by a sweet couple who really make you feel at home.  along with this salon de the, they have opened two boutiques right down the street which carry various antiques and collectibles.  both of which are worth taking a gander after your fig and almond tarte.




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