ms kate spade of hearts

August 14, 2009

katespadekatespade 2katespade 3katespade 4kate spade 5kate spade 6

indubitably i am a fan of kate spade. as my friend jeanne put it, “it looks like you designed that polka dot blouse,” (it looks very reminiscent of a blouse i have with colored polka dots) so essentially, yes….  i am a fan of kate spade’s new collection.

i have enjoyed (and drooled over) many a ks item.  in fact i remember wanting…no, needing a handbag, at the tender age of fourteen, when i first discovered them at the nordstrom downtown.  that first basic classic black one.  i know you remember it.  everyone wanted it.

her use of graphic prints and colors is always eye catching, and always exciting.  over the past couple of years, i have veered away a bit from such graphic bright prints (above mentioned polka dot blouse excluded)… but i think this has inspired me to take another look.

the collection.


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