August 14, 2009

P1040008 clignancourt, also known as les puces or the fleas, is perhaps the most well known of the parisian flea markets.  it is ginormous, even on a weekend in august, when presumably every parisian goes on vacation.  just the same i found myself wandering around, eyes glazed over, trying to focus on anything.  luckily, i did manage to focus my eyes enough to take a couple of pictures to share with you.  i will no doubt be going back when the season is high, and trying my luck at the thrift again.

the various stalls are filled with everything from silver to paper ephemera and dresses to antique chandeliers the size of my room.  lots and lots of furniture.P1040009


for those wanting to visit clingnancourt, note that when you get off the last stop of the four train, porte de clingnancourt, you must keep walking under the bridge, do not get distracted by all the people selling cheap merchandise…. that is not the flea market.  if you remember just one thing, remember to go under the bridge and turn left.P1040036P1040035

oh, and i found a zebra, which would fit right in at deyrolle, the famous and wondrous taxidermy shoppe in paris… but that will have to wait for another day.

some good tips and a little background information.

a list of other marchés around paris happening on specific dates.


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