the frozen food section

August 12, 2009

P1040222i have become fascinated with a place called picard surgeles. it is an entire market of frozen food.  from the outside you would think its a surgical supply store.  yes, its just that stark.

david sedaris tells a funny story on this american life about his experiences in paris and how he loves to go to picard because he goes to places that feel familiar with the least amount of personal interaction… and an entire store of frozen food seems relatively safe.  i oddly feel the same way.

the walls are lined with freezers, with every imaginable food that can be frozen, and then some.  you could get by solely shopping for food in this store.

i didn’t buy anythingnot that the food didn’t look good, on the contrary, i’ve been told it is actually pretty good food…  i just think i need the glitz of the open air markets a little while longer before i stock my freezer with tv dinners. and frozen vegetables. and frozen soup.  and frozen appetizers.  and frozen desserts.…  well, you get the idea.


see for yourself.


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