chalkboard paint

August 12, 2009

la102386c_0107_chalkboard_lone of my favorite martha stewart craft stories is making custom chalkboard paint colors.  its a beautiful story.  but i never did quite get around to it.

that is why i am so excited to see that hudson paint has finally come out with a line of colored chalkboard paint.  unfortunately its not customizable, but it comes in a plethora of bright wonderful colors.  it also scores very high on the convenience level.

can_frontalmost fluomercantile redrayogram greysweet tangerineopen skyhudson paint.

martha stewart chalkboard paint craft.


2 Responses to “chalkboard paint”

  1. […] to those pricey frames that must accompany any new art piece: the tape-on frame.  Similar to the chalkboard paint we’re such big fans of, the tape-on frame is a great DIY artistic addition to any room.  […]

  2. […] i am able to hold back, but only with the promise that one day i will paint one of my walls with chalkboard paint, and draw away to my hearts […]

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