marché aux oiseaux

August 11, 2009

P1040074 this marché takes place on the weekends on l’ile de le cité (notre dame is also located on this island) on the place louis lépine.  during the week this street is the biggest and best flower market in paris, but on the weekend….on the weekend…..  it becomes the bird market.

here you can find sacks of various bird seeds, how you know which one your bird will like, i have no idea….. but they can probably help you with that.

a little bit further down are the birdcages.  and birdcages there are!

now keep walking down and you will see the birds.

it is a bird market!



2 Responses to “marché aux oiseaux”

  1. asdas Says:

    q fantastique chase.

  2. […] more information about the marché aux […]

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