ladurée, finally

August 10, 2009

P1030980P1030966this is it!  the best macaroons around.  i told you i would make it here….and luckily, i came before all of these other people made it here too!

having come all this way, and exhausted from walking all day, my dad and i decided to sit inside and have a cup of coffee with our macaroons…. and perhaps rest our feet for a while.

we ordered four different ‘flavors’ and taking a recommendation from a nice french gentleman who was sitting next to us, ordered the rose as well.

absolutely scrumptious.  we promptly thanked the gentleman, and discussed taking some to go (as it was painfully obvious that four would just simply not be enough).


knowing full well that if i said it was a gift, the take-away macaroons would come in this beautiful green and silver box.   so i said they were a gift… well, they are (ahem, were)… for me!




One Response to “ladurée, finally”

  1. rachelle Says:

    no. words.

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