slave labor?

August 1, 2009

photoso i walked into the kitchen, and conveniently all of the ingredients to make flourless peanut butter cookies were laid out for me, and the oven preheated!

please note: the size of the tub of peanut butter, and if there was any clue as to how often these cookies are made, this is it.

i wonder if the person who laid out all the ingredients (ahem, mom) thought that if i just happened to pass by everything, i would feel compelled to measure, mix and bake.

well it worked. until i realized the missing egg.  notice the empty wire basket on the

you think this would be a hindrance, a reason to stop, but oh no! not to us taylors! (ahem, mom) we must have our flourless peanut butter cookies!

so guess where my dad is? at the market.

buying what, you ask? an egg.

and my mom?

in bed, reading.

(this must be a testament to how much we love you!)

update: and the cookies are delicious!photo(5)


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